What Are Multimodal Projects?

Ninja Mode!Today we are going on a multimodal dig. Remember that there are five modes of communication, as explained in Chapter 1 of Writer/Designer (see the image at the end of the post if you need a refresher).

For today’s in-class writing, begin by digging through your bags and finding all the multimodal texts that you have with you. Think broadly and creatively. Try to think of texts, and not devices. For example, your smartphone is a device, but Angry Birds is a multimodal text on that device.

Go to the Google+ Community in the Main Discussions area and create a post that lists the multimodal texts you have with you. It doesn’t have to be an exhaustive list, but aim to have 6 to 12 if you can. Once you have your list, label the items by the modes they include. You can use the first letters (e.g., L=Linguistic, V=Visual). Be prepared to share and talk about why you found in your dig.

After we talk about the writing, we’ll go over the assignment for Project 2.


  • Before the start of class on 01/11/14, choose the application you will interrogate for Project 2.
  • Read Chapter 2 of Writer/Designer.

The Five Modes of Communication

For reference, here are the five modes, as illustrated in Figure 1.6 from Writer/Designer:
The Five Modes of Communication