Project 2 Peer Review

Peer Review CatToday, you will share the rough draft of your web essay for project 2 with another student in the classroom. Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Sign-up for a presentation slot for sharing your tool with the class, using the Sign-Up Tool in Scholar. We’ll talk more about the presentation format and content on Tuesday.
  2. Review the grading criteria for the web essay part of Project 2.
  3. I will model the feedback process that I want you to use with one of the two example essays.
  4. You will choose a partner and read through each other’s web essays, providing feedback. The author should take notes on what the person reading the site says. Once the reader has talked through the entire essay, the reader should comment on these issues:
    • Does the essay give an overview of the tool and what it does?
    • Does the essay consider how the tool uses the modes of communication?
    • Does the essay evaluate the tool’s understanding of audience?
    • Does the essay review the tool’s design choices?
    • Does the essay identify and discuss the tool’s affordances and constraints?
  5. After you have read each other’s essays, create your own post in the P2: Interface discussion in the Google+ Community. Post the link to your rough draft, tell me who read your paper, and summarize the feedback that your partner gave you.


Next time, Project 2 is due. You will work on the reflection letter to go with your submission, and we will discuss and work on the presentations that will begin on Thursday, February 27.


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