Preparing for Project 2 Presentations

When I ask for the five-minute version and get the 20-minute versionToday, we’ll spend time in class on the reflection memo for Project 2, but first we need to discuss the five-minute presentations for the project as a class.

My dream plan is to spend a few minutes going over the info posted here, and then give you the remainder of the class session to work on your reflection memo and your presentation slides.

Write Your Project Reflection and Submit Your Web Essay

In Scholar, go to the Assignments tab, and choose the second project. In the Submission Assignment Text box there, write a short (about 1 page) message to me that tells me the URL to your Project 2 web essay and then explains the decisions you made that I need to know before I read your work. You can talk about content, organization, and design—telling me about what you chose and why you chose it.

This letter is your chance to tell me whatever you want me to know before I grade your project. Among other topics, you may want to answer the following questions:

  • Why did you choose to organize the information the way you did as opposed to some other possible organization?
  • Why did you choose the design that you did?
  • How did you decide about the visual elements that you have included?
  • How is this website personal and unique?

Whether you turn in your project today or after the grace period, you still need to write this reflection memo to tell me about your project.

Details on the Five-Minute Presentations

Why? The goal of these presentations is to share details about the tool you have analyzed with the class. By the end of the presentations, everyone in class should know enough about all 20 tools to be able to decide whether they would work for other projects in the class (or for other purposes).

How Long? Five minutes, strictly enforced. Please practice at home to make sure that you fill the time without going over.

How? I encourage you to use a Google Drive Presentation because of its flexibility and accessibility, but you may use other tools if you want. No matter what tool you choose, it has to be available online to everyone in the class. You can embed it or upload it to your WordPress site. Remember to send me the URL to your presentation the night before you present so that I can set up the presentation links for the session.

What? Review the information in the assignment on the content for the presentation. Generally speaking, I expect your slideshow to include the following:

  • A title slide with your name, the name of the tool, and the URL to the tool site.
  • Overview slides that explain what the tool is, who would use it, and what it does.
  • Analysis slides that explain the affordances and constraints and that offer general recommendations on using the tool.
  • A concluding slide that pulls your thoughts together.

How many? I’m leaving the exact length up to you; however, you may not have more than 20 slides.

  • If you have 20 slides, they must auto-advance every every 15 seconds to ensure that your presentation does not go over the allotted five minutes, following the instructions in Step 2 of this page on Pecha Kucha presentations or the documentation for the tool that you have chosen.
  • If you have fewer than 20 slides, you may have them auto-advance if you like, but it’s not required. If you want a slower pace, you can create a slideshow of 15 slides that auto-advances every 20 seconds (I will have to help you with the technical set-up if you choose this option) or a slideshow of 10 slides that auto-advances every 30 seconds. Realize, however, that your presentation cannot take more than 5 minutes.