Finding Assets for Project 3

Is it copyright infringement if you remix a remix?I have read and replied to all of the informal pitches that I received through last night. There is still much grading left to do, so try not to look at the gradebook for now. Meanwhile, you can continue concentrating on your work for Project 3.

Here’s what we will focus on in class today:

Writing and Homework

  • Be sure to write a blog post for today that talks about what you have accomplished since your last post and why you did what you did.
  • Be ready to give your pitch to the class next session. If you do have slides or a webpage you want to display in class (it’s completely optional), send me the link by 8 AM on Thursday, March 27.
  • For Tuesday, April 1, be sure you have read Chapter 6. Most of the class time will be spent working on the project. By this point, you should be ready to work on mock-ups and storyboards in class, as described in the chapter.


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  1. traci
    2014/04/23 at 11:16 am

    Here’s another resource for video:
    Free: British Pathé Puts Over 85,000 Historical Films on YouTube

  2. traci
    2014/05/21 at 2:34 pm

    Another resource:

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art makes 400,000 iconic works available for download

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