Finalizing All The Things!

I can has extra creditToday is the last in-class work session for the Remix a Story project. Oral presentations start on Tuesday, April 29. Since this is our last work session, I want to take time to talk about preparing for your oral presentation, submitting your project, writing blog posts, and taking the final exam for extra credit.

Preparing for Your Presentation

We talked about the information that should go into your oral presentation last week.

There are two related deadlines:

  • The class session before you present, you need to give me any homework you want your classmates to complete. For instance, if you want your classmates to skim your project before you present, you need to give me a link to your project.
  • By 8 AM on the day you present, you need to give me the link to your presentation page so that I can set up the schedule for the class. The link can simply be to the page on your WordPress site where you will post your project.

Submitting Your Remix

You need to provide two or three texts when you submit your Remix for a grade: (1) your Remix project itself, (2, optional) any presentation materials you want me to review (e.g., if you made slides), (3) your reflection memo.

Your reflection memo is slightly different this time since part of your goal will be some self-analysis of your project and an explanation of the effort and risk you put into the work. Review the information on Assessment on the assignment page, and write a memo that does the following:

  • Provides the link to your Remix project.
  • Gives me a summary of the project’s rhetorical situation, using the questions on pp. 111–112 of Writer/Designer. Provide a SHORT explanation of your audience, purpose, and design choices.
  • Explains how you have participated and shown effort as you worked on this project. Include concrete details that help demonstrate your point.
  • Shows me how you have taken risks, stretched yourself, and otherwise applied your best effort to learn and create as you worked on this project.
  • Tells me whatever I need to know about how you have gone beyond average work and participation.

You will submit your reflection memo in Scholar. Use the Assignments link on the left sidebar in Scholar, and then choose P3: Remix a Story. You must submit your remix by 11:55 PM on Wednesday, May 7.

Writing Additional Blog Posts

Be sure to write and publish a blog post for today that talks about what you have accomplished since your last post and why you did what you did. Today, however, is the last day that you must post an entry.

If you are still working on your project after today, you may continue to track what you did and why you did it in blog posts. This information will help you write the reflection that you submit with your project.

Taking the Final Exam

The final exam assignment is available now under the Assignments tab here on the course website, and the exam is open in Scholar.

You must turn in a link to your final in Scholar (or post it in the form in Scholar) by noon on Saturday, May 10. You may turn it in earlier, but I will not look at it until the exam period is over.