Documenting & Presenting Your Remix

RevisionKoalaDuring today’s session, you will have most of the class time to work on implementing your revision plan. I will come around and check on your progress as well. Before we get to that part, however, I want to spend a few minutes talking about the final exam and about your oral presentations.

Presenting Your Project

Following the resources in Writer/Designer, Chapter 8, you will document and present your remixed story. You will have approximately 7-10 minutes for your class presentation. If you’d like, you can ask your classmates to preview your story on your WordPress site as homework.

In your presentation, you will focus on sharing details about how you worked and the decisions that you made. Use the information on pp. 132–135 of Writer/Designer to determine what information to include. As the book explains, your job will be to show-off your hard work, but also you will help your audience understand your major design and rhetorical choices. Look particularly at the guiding questions on pp. 132–133 for an idea of the kind of details I will be listening for.

You will create some kind of digital presentation (using Google slides, Prezi,, etc.). If you go with slides, the maximum length is 28 auto-advancing slides to ensure your presentation fits in the 7-minute time slot.

Turning In Your Project

You should aim to have your project finished by April 24. You might still tweak things or make minor proofreading changes, but you should ideally be done with all the hard work. After that class session, our class time will be devoted to oral presentations.

By the end of the day on Wednesday the 7th, you should have gone to the Assignments tab in Scholar, completed a reflection memo, and given me the link to your project and your presentation slides. You must have your work submitted by 11:55 PM on Wednesday, May 7. There is no grace period on this project.

Your reflection will be slightly different this time since part of your goal will be some self-analysis of your project and an explanation of the effort and risk you put into the work. I will open the assignment open in Scholar and talk about all this more on the 24th. (That’s next week! EEEK!)

In-Class Writing for 4/17

Be sure to write and publish a blog post for today that talks about what you have accomplished since your last post and why you did what you did.