Project 3 Peer Feedback

I have my ruff draftToday is peer feedback day. The goal is to provide constructive feedback that will help one another develop the projects further. We will follow this plan for the feedback:

  • We will rearrange in the classroom so at least one person giving feedback is someone who hasn’t been sitting near you as you worked on the project.
  • Feedback groups will take turns following this process:
    • I will set the timer for 15 minutes so each person gets roughly the same amount of feedback.
    • The project author will introduce the project, giving a summary of the project’s rhetorical situation, using the questions on pp. 111–112 of Writer/Designer. You need to be ready to explain about your audience, purpose, and design choices.
    • The people giving feedback will read and explore the project, using the guidelines in the section of the book on “Providing Feedback as a Stakeholder” (pp. 112–115 of Writer/Designer) to structure their comments.
    • When the timer goes off, you will switch and another project author will introduce her work.
  • Once everyone has received feedback on her project, you will each write a first draft of your revision plan for the project as your blog post for the day. See pp. 116-118 of Writer/Designer for details on writing a revision plan. If your project is online in a place where I can see it, please be sure to include the link in your revision plan.

Homework/Class Plans

For Thursday, 04/17

  • Read Chapter 8 of Writer/Designer for details on how to set up the final version of your project. I want you to know the parameters you need to think about before you have to make your decisions.
  • Review the section of the Project 3 Assignment that talks about your oral presentation. We’ll spend time during the 04/17 session talking about your oral presentations so that you can begin thinking about what you will share and say.

For Tuesday, 04/22

  • You will have time to continue work on your project, implementing your revision plan.
  • You will sign up for an oral presentation time slot.