Story Remix Possibilities

I’m still adding possibilities to this list, but I wanted to put it online to help you begin thinking about your projects. If you have an idea to add to the list, post a comment.

You are free to choose whatever genre and format you want to use for your remixed story. The only requirements are that your project needs to be digital, it needs to be published online, it needs to use at least three modes of communication.

Because the options are so open, I wanted to provide some example ideas for you. This is not an exhaustive list, just a collection of ideas.

  • a series of cartoon animations
  • a series of comic strips or a graphic novel
  • a video
  • a digital scrapbook
  • a documentary video
  • an online museum display
  • a Harry Potter-style newspaper (with embedded videos/images)
  • a Facebook-style profile and timeline
  • a series of text messages or Tweets from characters in the story
  • “live” blogging of an event from the story by a character/participant
  • a collection of digital artifacts found on a character’s USB drive (e.g., letters, “to do” lists, data, and poems written by the character for his or her eyes only)
  • an episode of a reality TV show
  • a video of the story told in a different genre (like this example for The Shining or this version of WILLY WONKA – Recut Horror Trailer or Frozen Reimagined as a Horror Movie)
  • a photo essay
  • documentation or instructions