Rough Cuts and Rough Drafts

Wolf: It's gonna be roughToday’s reading is about “Drafting and Revising Your Project”—and in particular rough cuts and rough drafts. By next week, you should be working on a rough version of your project (if you are not already there).

Chapter 7 of Writer/Designer suggests that the different phases of work on your project are separate and definite, but in truth they rarely are. During the next week or so, you may find yourself tweaking your storyboard or mock-up while you are placing assets in your rough cut and at the same time searching for more assets. Creativity can be messy. Don’t be surprised if your process is a little different from the general version in the textbook.

Project To-Do List/Schedule

  • Today
    By the end of today’s session, you should have a storyboard or mock-up for your project. You should also have a very good idea of what assets you have and what you still need to gather or create. I’m going to visit everyone in class today and ask to see what you have at this point.
  • Tuesday, 4/8
    For next session, you should review the “Planning Your Rough Cut” section of Chapter 7 (pp. 107–109), and check your progress against the lists of the kinds of decisions usually in place for a rough cut. Create a similar list of things you have decided for your own project as part of your blog post for Tuesday, 04/08.
  • Thursday, 04/10
    You should be moving to the rough draft stage. I’ll ask you to use the checklist on p. 110 to check your progress and provide me with a progress report.
  • Tuesday, 04/15: Peer Feedback Day
    You should have a rough draft version of your text that you can share with two other people in class for feedback. You will need to be prepared to provide your classmates with a summary of the project’s rhetorical, using the questions on pp. 111–112. When you provide feedback on someone else’s project, you’ll use the guidelines in the section of the book on “Providing Feedback as a Stakeholder” (pp. 112–115). Your blog post for the 4/15 class should be a first draft of your revision plan for the project.

In-Class Writing for 4/3

Be sure to write and publish a blog post for today that talks about what you have accomplished since your last post and why you did what you did.